LCS is founded on the principles of performance and integrity

Established in 1980 with over 40 years Experience!

Owners and Directors, Helen Herreich and Christopher Herreich take personally, the responsibility of providing a high-level service on a consistent and professional basis to LCS’ clients and staff.

Lipton Cleaning Services takes pride in its 40 years of providing exceptional and professional Cleaning Maintenance Programs for the Industrial sector, Commercial and Residential Complexes.

The company’s cost-effective programmes will always provide added value by ensuring optimal application.

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We provide cleaning solutions for all types of businesses and organisations.

Founder's Message

“Service, Quality & Loyalty are the 3 fundamentals of any successful business. We pride ourselves on a strong work ethic and nothing less than old school dedication and hard work to keep our customers happy.”

Costa Herreich

Founder, Lipton Cleaning Services


Lipton Cleaning Services strives to serve in an exceptional manner by both achieving and exceeding customers’ expectations. LCS believes it is critical to pursue and maintain excellence in Human Relations with employees as well as its clients to ensure integrity is never compromised.

LCS strongly believes in promoting an equitable workplace, with all compliancy being transparently communicated to LCS customers, thereby protecting clients from potential vicarious liability.

Lipton Cleaning Services does not engage in “Sham” subcontracting.

Lipton Cleaning Services complies with Worksafe and Public Liability Insurances.

LCS is Registered with the Labour Hire Authority.

LCS understands the needs of the Client and the workforce. We are motivated to continued satisfaction and on-going improvements.

Loyalty & Service

The Directors, Helen Herreich and Christopher Herreich, have been involved with LCS for 30 years and have retained the philosophy of the founder, Costa Herreich. “Service, Quality & Loyalty.”

The retention of multiple clients for over two decades, is testament to our loyalty and commitment to service.

The ability to speak directly to either LCS Director to provide feedback, ensures continued client satisfaction at a personal and professional level every time.

Emergency Response

LCS’ 24-Hour Emergency Response track record is impeccable. We can proudly state it works, as it has been tested on numerous occasions over the last 40 years. References and case studies from previous situations can attest to the company’s ability to provide, knowledge and equipment/materials during trying times.

Occupational Health & Safety

Lipton Cleaning Services recognises its moral and legal responsibility to Occupational Health & Safety; that it is a shared responsibility between LCS and its employees. LCS provides and maintains a safe workplace – LCS actively pursues its goal of an injury free working environment and support any endeavour to prevent injury to both its staff and clients.